Restaurant Cristal Stefan

By Stefan Onrust

Yes, it is the time of the season again; Asparagus! Till the end of June the fresh ones are available. But be careful, the later in the season, the more ‘woodlike’ the asparagus are going to be, so eat them while they still squeak.

Some other facts about asparagus

Where the Artichoke is the king of vegetables, the asparagus is the queen of vegetables and therefore in Holland they also call it the ‘white gold’.

Not only is the head of the asparagus the best part, it also contains the most vitamines and minerals. Those vitamins and minerals take care of your energy level, muscles and tissue and improve your immuun system.

So Asparagus are not only great for your health, they aso are very low in calories and fat. Although the traditional way of preparing  asparagus is with eggs, ham and butter sauce, the calories will soon add up again. But the best diets are the ones where you can enjoy the food you eat!

How We serve them

Yes we also serve our asparagus the traditional way; also called asparagus a la flamande, which literally means abundantly covered with butter sauce.

But we also have a delicious version with lamb rack, sea lavender, mashed potatoes and duck liver sauce.

It is up to you but enjoy them now before they turn into wood…

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