Time to crEATe!

Effective meetings, innovating workshops, trainings, courses, business lunches or dinners, press releases, your celebrations and so on...

Get inspired and motivated in our tasteful decorated and airconditioned crEATe room, that seats up to 14 persons, to get the best out of your gathering. The crEATe room had wifi, smart tv, comfortable chairs and can be locked from the in- and outside to secure your private properties.


crEATe an hour ANG 75,-

crEATe half a day ANG 200,-

crEATe a full day ANG 350,-

Complementary catering ANG 15,- p.p. per half day (including coffee, tea, juice, water and a snack)

We are honored to complement your creative outbursts with breakfast, lunch, bites, dinner and a happy hour on request. Just give us a call or an email and we are happy to fill in your requests.