Get to Know us

We are Stefan Onrust and Talitha Maria. We opened Restaurant Cristal, named after the famous Champagne by Louis Roederer, in 2014. We are located in an old residential house in the middle of sparkling Pietermaai. With respect to the architecture and the history of the building we kept the feeling of an intimate private residence in place. Cozy corners, a private room, terras and a patio gives you the choice to make you feel at home, like we do.

Our chef

Chef Stefan Onrust, is passionated about cooking and is specialized in the French kitchen. He was trained in the Netherlands at some well recognized restaurants like La Ciboulette, Vitou and De Kersentuin. At age 27 he became chef and earned a 9+ from Johannes van Dam and a Bib Gourmand from Michellin.

Though living in Curaçao brought a new world of cooking styles and exotic products which he now integrates in his classic way of preparing food.

Local products like okra (jambo), kadushi (cactus) mas bango (mackerel like fish) and kabritu (goat) are used in more classic dishes like raviolis, rilettes and deserts. Surprisingly tastefull with an exotic flavor.

Our Hostess

Hostess Talitha Maria studied Economics as well as Civil Law at the University of Amsterdam. She has been working for some well known Consultancy companies, advising Management from small businesses to MNO's.

This background and the dream of being an entrepreneur made the choice easy to join forces with Stefan Onrust to start Restaurant Cristal.

As a hostess Talitha enjoys taking care or the guests and is happy to make an extra effort to meet your needs. She is specialized in pairing your dinner with the perfect wine and selects all the wines for the menu personally.

Come and have yourself indulged with the passion we offer you!

Our History

Address: Johan van Walbeeckplein 20, Punda

Semi-detached one-storey structure. Gable roof with dormers over core area and adjoining slant roof over front and rear galleries. Funnel-shaped gables with 19th century top end and shoulders. Cornice over façades. Cistern covered with gable roof.

Monument value: 
Architectural historical and cultural historical value because of the floor plan with core, front and rear gallery and the cistern. Specific value as part of a protected monumental townscape.

Construction period: Second half of 19th century