Restaurant Cristal Stefan

By Stefan Onrust

Mussels; rich on proteins, minerals and vitamines and with more iron and fosfor than meat so healthy, so delicious and yet so easy to prepare. Nowadays available almost all seasons of the year, except for spring. 

Good to know

Some mussels are orange, others are more creamy white but there is no difference in taste or quality. Some just have some more pigment then others, just like we humans…

If you are sensitive for mussels you might want to consider to wait a little bit till later in the season. The high amount of protein (egg white) can cause skin irritation and nausea. In the months with the ‘r’ the amount of protein gets lower and therefor the chance on allergies slow down too. 

Just like with oysters, you could find a little pearl in your mussel, not as big as with oysters but you might be lucky… or break a tooth…

How we serve them

Traditional they are cooked with vegetables and white wine but since they are cooked to shortly, the vegetables don’t provide a lot of flavors. Therefor we shortly stir fry our mussels with garlic rosemary and off course with a little love of the Chef. We add some home made fries, sauces and fresh salad for you to enjoy your meal.

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